Clinic/Camp (Event) Information and Terms:

OVYSL is not affiliated with any clinics/camps (events).  For an upfront fee, OVYSL will provide the event advertising on the OVYSL web site and via an email blast to the OVYSL database.  The advertising fee that OVYSL will charge will be determined on a per event basis and will be based on the advertising that is selected (the web site posting, the number of email blasts, etc.) and the duration of the camp.  The advertising fee will be determined after the event details, outlined below, are provided to OVYSL.  OVYSL must receive the request and the information no less than 40 days prior to the desired web site posting date.  Events are considered for approval on a first come-first serve basis.  Advertising fees must be received by OVYSL before any event will be advertised.  Events will not be posted on the web site more than 30 days in advance of the event’s start date.  OVYSL volunteers (coaches and assistant coaches) will receive a reduced advertising fee.

OVYSL reserves the right to post the following disclaimer:  “OVYSL does not endorse any clinic or camp, and all potential participants should do their due diligence regarding the quality of the event before enrolling.”

OVYSL Contact:  Caroline Hamilton at

Event Organizer is responsible for the following:

Provide name of the individual in charge of the camp or event, including contact email and phone;

Provide name of entity under which event will be run;

Provide estimate of the total number of attendees;

Provide desired web site posting date and desired number email messages, including desired dates of messages.  Although there is an opportunity to indicate a preference, OVYSL will make the final decision as to the exact date that the message will be sent, the total number of messages that will be sent and the date that the event will be posted on the web site;

Provide copy of the entity’s general liability insurance policy with minimum limits of $500K per occurrence/ $1M total liability;

Provide PDF formatted flyer for posting on the OVYSL website.  The flyer may not include the OVYSL logo, name or contact information.  The flyer must contain the event organizer’s contact information (name, email, phone number), as well as any other event information that needs to be communicated such as rain out information, etc.;

Complete a Live Scan Background check with OVYSL’s provider at no cost to OVYSL.

Optional – Provide the link to your organization’s web site, containing additional information and where persons may register;

Provide a word document that contains the event details, in case the flyer file is too large to attach to the email blast;

Provide a clear and informative “subject line” for the email message;

Secure all fields and restrooms and be able to show proof of acquisition;

Provide all camp equipment;

Collect customer payments and registration information;