Registration Fee Policy for Players that Participate in Dual League Season Play or Players that are Requesting a Guest Pass


The fee for a Guest Player Pass is $35.00.

The fee for a NorCal Guest Player Pass for NorCal State Cup (only) is $60.00.

The fee for a NorCal Season Player, to play NorCal State Cup is $27.00.  No new pass is required.

The fee for a Dual League Player Pass is $70.00.

Forms of Payment Include:  Personal Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order.  NO CASH will be accepted.

A $10.00 Return Check Fee is applied to all checks that are returned to OVYSL. Returned checks must be re-issued to OVYSL in the form of a Money Order or a Cashiers Check.

When any one OV team plays season games in both the CCSL and the NorCal leagues during any one season, the additional player registration fee that will be charged to each player participating on the Secondary team will be $70.00.  Every player that is participating on the Secondary team, must have paid to OV, the registration fee for the Primary team, that is equal to that of the current season’s standard competitive registration fee.  Therefore, if a player is registering on the coach’s Secondary team, but is not participating on an OV Primary team, then the registration for that player will be at the standard competitive registration fee for the current season.
Scholarships will not be offered to those players that are participating on a Secondary team, and that are already receiving a discounted rate.

Definition of a Guest Player and a Dual Player:  


Season Games Guest Player – Added to a roster, as a guest, for a minimal number of season games (1 or 2).  The full-time players’ registration fees contribute to offset the costs of that team, and that team should carry close to a full roster, before adding guest players.

Cup and Tournament Guest Player – Added to a roster, as a guest, for Cup or other tournament games only. The NorCal State Cup Guest Player Pass fee is calculated differently, since the cost associated with that event is greater than other Cups or Tournaments.

Season Games Dual Player – Added to a roster as a full-time player that intends to participate in most of the season’s games.   The coach must fill the roster will Dual or Primary players (and not guest players) in order for the total registration fees to contribute to offset the costs of that team. 


The U11-U14 age group referee and team registration costs were used for the calculation of the Dual League player pass fee. Neither field costs nor any overhead costs were included in the calculation.  If OV has an increased number of teams that play in dual leagues (during one season), the fee will be recalculated based on the average age groups of the participating teams as well as absorbing the cost of game day fields.