Outdoor Sports Complex Grass Policy

When the grass at the OSC is closed due to inclement weather or for any other reason outside OV’s control, those teams scheduled to practice on the grass must either move to an approved school field or cancel practice.  Be reminded that although school fields are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, there may already be teams that practice regularly at school locations, and these teams must not be displaced.  Please work together to share the available space.  Teams that are allocated to train on the turf, based on the OSC turf schedule, will retain their practice space on the turf.  

Displaced teams may not move to the turf (unless approved), even if it appears that space is available. OV generally does not have access to the football turf, and therefore this is not an option for teams.

If a team, scheduled to train on the OSC Turf, cancels their training session for any reason, they must notify the OSC Field Coordinator.  The OSC Field Coordinator will then determine whether or not to open up that space to another team.


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