Playing Up Policy – Competitive Program

OVSC will authorize a player to play up, if the following criteria have been met:

The player must have been evaluated by OVSC’s DOC as well as the relevant coaches in both age groups (player’s actual age group and the age group up).

The player must be coming off of the Top Team in his/her age group.

The player must be moving to the Top Team, in the new age group.

The player must be an impact player on the new team.  An impact player is defined as a top 5 and a starter on the new team.

The player must be able to handle the upward movement both physically and emotionally, in the opinion of both the coaches involved and the DOC.

During the annual tryouts, each player that has been previously authorized to play up, must first try out with their age group.

High school aged players may have additional flexibility with regards to playing up.


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