Match Change Procedure for Coaches and Managers

OV Toros FC schedules nearly all games, at the onset of the season, to allow all teams to plan for a full season of games and to allow OV Toros FC to efficiently schedule fields and referees.

In the event that a team needs to cancel (only), reschedule an existing game or schedule a new game, please follow the procedure outlined below. Any and all match reschedules will be processed based on OV Toros FC’s existing field availability and with consideration for the acquisition of game referees. Only OV Toro FC teams can enter requests into the Match Change Form.
It is OV Toros FC’s policy to pay all referees for cancelled games, if the games are cancelled within 2 days prior to the game day, despite the fact that the referee will not have worked that game. Cancelling games shortly before game day is costly to the League, and under these circumstances, the League reserves the right to ask coaches to reimburse the League for referee fees associated with the newly rescheduled game.

District 2 (CCSL) is enforcing a policy of fining leagues for the improper cancellation of games.  All OV Toros FC coaches are advised to familiarize themselves with CCSL’s Game Cancellation Policy. If OV Toros FC receives a game cancellation fine, the associated OV Toros FC team’s head coach will be required to reimburse OV Toros FC for the total amount of the penalty fee. The reimbursement must be received by OV Toros FC 10 days after the coach is notified of the fine.

Planned Cancelations (these are cancelations with no reschedules):

Notify the Game Scheduler that a game will be canceled, by completing and submitting the Match Change Form (below). It is required that cancelations are submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the canceled game. 

New Game Scheduling and Existing Game Rescheduling:

Coaches must review the applicable CCSL or NorCal Reschedule Rules. 

Click Here to view CCSL Rules.


Complete and submit the Match Change Form (below), a minimum of three weeks prior to the earliest date that you wish to play your new or rescheduled game.

Complete the entire form and be certain to enter a clear reason for any reschedule.


Any Match Change must be agreed on by both the home and the opponent coach. Communicate with the opponent coach prior to submitting your request to determine three options prior to completing the Match Change Form. Game Scheduler will provide OV Toros FC Team Contact available date/time options. OV Toros FC Team Contact has 48 hours to respond to the Game Scheduler with their selection of a date/time. Be sure to tell your opponent of the response deadline so that you do not lose your options. If the Game Scheduler has one of your three initial request dates available, one of those dates will be confirmed and posted within 24 hours of your request. Game Scheduler will confirm the date/time selection with the OV Toros FC Team Contact no later than 24 hours from the time that the selection was emailed. Game Scheduler will post the game. Team Contact should notify the opponent that the change is confirmed. 

Match Change OV Toros FC Parameters:

Game Scheduler will only use existing fields to accommodate any and all reschedule and new game requests, and work towards making the most efficient use of these existing fields.

Game Scheduler will have all rescheduled and newly scheduled games confirmed and posted no later than two weeks before the “newly” rescheduled or new game date.

Game Scheduler will ensure that all planned cancelations are communicated to the proper Board Members no later than two weeks before the canceled game date.

If the request DOES NOT fall under the NORCAL/CCSL Rescheduling Guidelines (inclement weather conditions, poor field conditions, ODP tryouts, sanctioned tournament, SAT testing), the request WILL NOT be accommodated.

If you are having any trouble loading or seeing the change request form below, click here.



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