Coaching and Other Expenses Reimbursed by a Team

In the event that a team decides to reimburse their coach, assistant coach or trainer for any expenses, including but not limited to travel, lodging, dining, training, etc., the decision to do so is optional for each family and for each event.  This means that if a family contributes to the reimbursement of expenses for one tournament/event or for one month, they are not obligated to donate to another such event or to donate in a future month.

This applies to all team personnel, regardless of their position within OVYSL. 
OVYSL takes no part in determining the inner financial management of any team, unless the Board is called upon to review a particular situation.

It is required that all teams keep a record of all financial transactions for the season, and that the records be made available to any team parent or the OVYSL Board upon request, within 2 days of the request.


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