2016 Board of Directors
Board Positions:    
*President  Joel Middleton president@ovtorosfc.com
*Vice President (1)
Dylan Fullington
*Vice President (2) Andrew Bergholz andrew.bergholz@gmail.com
*Director of Coaching (DOC) Mark Nutter ovysldoc@gmail.com
*Secretary Suzanne Ledesma suzanneledesma@yahoo.com
*Treasurer/Book Keeper Helen Rhee treasurer@ovysl.org
*Risk Manager David Somavia spicychoya@yahoo.com
*League Registrar (CCSL and NorCal) Cathy Randall ovregistrar@charter.net
Past President
Lisa Schmidt
Special Projects
Chris Monahan
Web Master Andrew Bergholz andrew.bergholz@gmail.com
Policy and Procedures DirectorOpen Open TBD
Camp Coordinator Open TBD
US Club and Nor Cal Rep Roney Cardoza Roney04@yahoo.com
CYSA and CCSL Rep Alicia Hoffman ovtoros07g@gmail.com
Comp Coaching Director (under 12) Allison Bass allisonbass64@gmail.com
Comp Coaching Director (over 12) Dave Hernandez dshernandez111@gmail.com
Referee Licensing Director Joe De Palma depalmat@yahoo.com
Recreation (U6-U10) Director Joel Middleton ovcoachjoel@gmail.com
Play Thru (U12-U14) Director Brian Pinkham pinkham2010@gmail.com
League Game Scheduler Suzanne Ledesma ovyslscheduler@gmail.com
League Practice Scheduler Joel Middleton ovcoachjoel@gmail.com
Referee Program Director Nick Hoffman ovysl.referee@gmail.com
Advertising/Marketing Director Julie Schmidt-Akins schmidtakins@me.com
Uniform Director Shelley Canario ovsoccermom@gmail.com
Picture Day Coordinator Wendy Sullivan wendyglsullivan@yahoo.com
TOPS Soccer Rep Teri Larice tlarice@hotmail.com
Team Manager Mentor Kathy Miller ovmentor@yahoo.com
Fields Director Matt Crawford buzz4homes@yahoo.com