Game Day Information

Items to Bring to Each Game:

Joel’s cell phone number (408 590-9319) in case issues arise on game day.

For U6, U8 and U10, each player’s 1601 Form.  For U12 and U14, Player Passes.

Three game balls. 

Access to the game rules (either via web site from phone or print a copy), in case any questions arise during the game.

A roll of tape, if you have the first game of the morning (U10 coaches only).

Remind your players that shin guards are mandatory.

Combination for all Portable Toilets:      1-4-14

There is a “No Dogs Policy” on all School Campuses.

Goal Differential Rule:

For all age groups, ensure that the Goal Differential is not greater than Five.

Strategies to manage goal differential:

Switch offensive with defensive players.
Require that kids pass a certain amount of times before shooting.
Require that the kids shoot outside of the penalty box.
Require that kids shoot with their off-sided foot.
Reduce the number of players on the field.  

Game Scores will NOT be Tracked:

Guest Player Rule:

Within the Recreational Program, guest (non-rostered) players are not permitted to be used for any reason, as supplements to a roster.  Use of guest players runs contrary to the spirit of OVYSL’s Recreational Program, of having fun without the pressure of winning.  In addition, non-rostered players take playing time away from rostered players on the team.  In lieu of recruiting guest players, coaches have the option to reschedule games if for some reason they are not able to field a team on a particular date.

Rescheduling a Game:

If you should have a scheduling conflict during the season, please contact the opposing team’s coach, in order to reschedule the game.  Games at Nordstrom and P.A. Walsh must end by 5:00PM.  Games at Galvan Park must end at 1:30PM.  Do not schedule games on Sundays.  Please make schedule changes at least 7 days prior to the originally scheduled game, and keep schedule changes to a minimum.  You will also need to verify with Joel, that the field is not being used for another rescheduled game or a competitive game.  Please always keep Joel in the loop for all rescheduled games, such that he can make certain that the equipment and the field is available for your game.

For U10 only:  If you reschedule a game, please notify Dave Kaeini at 408 706-8929, or at, such that he can cancel the referees for the initial game and try to reschedule referees for your new game. 

Game Rain-Out Notification Procedure:

Games will be played as scheduled, in the event of light rain.  It is the condition of the fields, which dictates whether or not games are canceled.  OV is not permitted to play on fully saturated fields, as it results in damage to the grass.

Friday night’s rain activity and Saturday morning’s weather conditions determine if games are canceled and therefore OV is only able to notify coaches about game cancellations on that Saturday morning, shortly before 8:00am.  Therefore, please do not contact OV on Friday night for an update.  If you do not hear from Joel, games are ON.

If field and weather conditions result in the cancellation of games, here is how you will be notified:  You will receive an email and/or you will receive a text message to the preferred contact phone number that you provided at the beginning of the season (the one that is listed on the game schedule).

If games are rained out, they will not be rescheduled.

Referee No-Show Procedure (U10 Only):

OV’s Referee Coordinator attempts to assign referees for all U10 recreation games, as late as Friday and sometimes into that Saturday morning.  Given the last minute nature of referee vacancies, OV will not be able to notify you in advance of your game, if a referee has not been assigned to your game.  In the event that the League is not able to obtain referees for one of your games, please be aware that each coach will be required to step in and referee based on the Two Man Referee System, outlined in the hand guide.

Field Setup and Breakdown:

If you have the first game of the day, you are required to setup your one-half of the field prior to game time, and to unlock the equipment.  Please allow for some extra time to complete this task such that games can start according to the schedule.  Also, please unlock the portable toilet when you arrive.  The code is 1-4-14.

Please do not tie the nets to the goals (using the nets themselves), as it becomes nearly impossible at times for us to remove them.  The nets must be removed in order to store them in the equipment enclosure, such that they are not left vulnerable to theft.  Please bring along a roll of tape (if you are a set-up coach), as this is the easiest way to attach the nets to the goals.  It is difficult for the League to use Velcro bands, because it requires the bands to remain on the nets, which may not always be the case.

If you have the last game of the day, you are required to breakdown one-half of the field, and to place the equipment (goals, nets, corner flags, goal anchors) back into the equipment enclosure.  If you are using full size goals, the nets are to be placed back into the enclosure and the goals are to be broken down and locked against the fence.  Both locks, for the enclosure and for the goals, must be locked, before you leave the field.  Also, lock the portable toilet.

Refer to your game schedule in order to determine if you are the last team to play on the field for that day.  If you have rescheduled your game, you may be required to set up and to break down the equipment and to lock it before you leave the field.

Additional Information for Games at Nordstrom:

The Equipment box at Nordstrom contains "L" shaped hooks that must be used to secure the goals to the ground. Please use two hooks per goal. A mallet has been placed inside the equipment box, to facilitate driving the hooks into the ground. The hooks and the mallet are located in the top tray of the equipment box.

It is MOST IMPORTANT that ALL hooks are removed from the ground when dismantling the goals. If the hooks remain in the ground, the groundskeeper will accidentally mow them, which is problematic, and in addition the remaining sharp pieces in the grass are dangerous.

Please place the mallet and the hooks back into the top tray.

Trash Pickup:

Please assign a parent (usually the snack parent) to pick up any trash after your game.  During the week, coaches need to ensure that no trash is left behind after practices as well.

Portable Toilets:

A requirement from the school district is that each portable toilet is locked when the field is not in use.  OV will lose its ability to use the field if we do not adhere to this policy.  It is essential that the coaches which have the last game of the day ensure that the portable toilet is locked prior to leaving the field.  If you unlock the toilet during the week for practice, you must secure the toilet prior to leaving the field that day.

Parking Regulations at Nordstrom Elementary School:

Any time that the Nordstrom parking lot gates are closed and locked, parking is NOT ALLOWED in the school’s parking lot.  This is generally the case on weekends only, but may occur on weekdays as well.  When the parking lot gates are closed and locked, all Orchard Valley participants must park along the street and walk onto the campus.  Orchard Valley has been warned that if its participants use the off-limits parking lot, the League will lose its permit to use this location, which impacts weekday practices and weekend games.  Orchard Valley cannot afford to lose these fields.  If you see a car parked illegally in the parking lot, please try to identify the owner as quickly as possible and ask them to move the vehicle immediately.

Motor Vehicles on School Grounds:

All vehicles need to remain in dedicated parking areas.  No vehicles can be driven on the school grounds without prior permission from the League.  


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