Wait List Information

Wait List Information and Process

Once the online registration deadline has passed, players can be placed on the wait list when they register online.

Do not contact OVYSL’s Registrar after being added to the waitlist.  Players will be contacted by OV Toros FC’s Registrar, as spots become available on a roster, and then be provided with information on how to continue registration.

If a player is contacted by the Registrar, that player has 24 hours to confirm (via phone or email) that they are still interested in securing that available opening.  If registration intent is not confirmed within 24 hours, the next player on the wait list will be contacted and given an opportunity to secure that space on the roster, and the original player will be moved down two spots on the wait list. 

In addition, after indicating the player’s willingness to be added to a team, the registration package must be received by the Registrar within 2 calendar days, or that open spot will be made available to the next player on the wait list.  Be sure to include the late fee of $45.00, along with the registration fee.  Do not pay with cash and do not mail any registration documents or payment unless the Registrar has contacted you to do so. 

Players can be kept on the wait list until after games have begun, as there still may be spots that become available up through that time-frame.  Special requests will NOT be granted for wait list players.  

OV Toros FC will only contact players, if room becomes available on a roster.  If players are not contacted by the League, there are no roster spots available.


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