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2024 CAMPS!


Winter, Spring & Summer camps - Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex

Thanksgiving camp - Kirigin Winery fields


9am to 12pm


$170 (unless stated)

Age groups

2010 to 2019 born

Camp suitability

Competitive and recreational players welcome. Players will be split based on age groups and ability with their qualified OV Toros FC Head Coaches. Our Camp curriculum has been designed to cater for all abilities and age groups. If you have further questions regarding suitability, please contact Fidel on recdirector@ovtorosfc.com.

Dates available

Winter Break - 19th to 23rd February

Easter/Spring Break - 1st to 5th April

Summer 1 - 10th June to 14th June

Summer 2 - 17th June to 21st June

Summer 3 - 24th June to 28th June

Summer 4 - 1st July to 3rd July (3 day camp due to 4th July week) - $100

Summer 5 - 8th July to 12th July

Summer 6 - 15th July to 19th July

Summer 7 - 22nd July to 26th July

Summer 8 - 29th July to 2nd August

Summer 9 - 5th August to 9th August

Thanksgiving Camp - 18th to 20th November (3 day camp) - $100


Contact Fidel on recdirector@ovtorosfc.com.